Catty's favourite kite

2024-02-01 11:08:00 / / Comments 0
Catty\'s favourite kite -

As I'm sitting here in the meadow looking at my pony, I notice, not without joy, that my pony has its own kite smiley. Yes, the pony Blika from the kid's kite Blika really does exist.
How did it all come about? A few years ago, Christoph Fokken approached me and suggested that we should actually launch our own children's kite starring a horse. He asked if I had a nice picture of my pony, a chestnut-colored Icelandic mare named Blika. And of course - which owner of a pony doesn't have a nice picture of her horse?
The first step was to translate the picture into a drawing. This first draft was still a long way from the final kite. A second horse design was also drawn and presented to many friends to see which horse would win. And of course, Blika was the clear winner.
So we ended up sending this design to our designer, who drew the real-life pony Blika into the kid's kite Blika.... The eyes got a little rounder and bigger, the headcollar matched the background, the blaze a little wider, and the Blika kite was ready.

Since then, Blika has been flying over fields and farmland with me, but also high up in the air on meadows and beaches. And what can I say? She seems to like the kite, doesn't she?

Cathrin Germing