A matter of attitude

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A matter of attitude -

Framed quadline kites like our Shiva are flown on so-called handles, curved grips with a length of 32 cm. At the top and bottom of the handles are knot ladders, which can be used to adjust the brake setting to the pilot's individual preferences. The brake lines are attached at the bottom, whereby the closer the knots are to the pilot, the stronger the braking effect. The opposite applies to the upper knot ladder with the steering lines: the braking effect is increased if the knot is moved towards the kite, i.e. away from the pilot. A quad line kite with a sharply adjusted brake must be launched with more momentum, but reacts more accentuated and more directly to the pilot's braking impulses. Tricks such as the axle are easier to initiate.

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to find the right brake setting. You should take a little time to find the setting that suits your own flying style and individual ability. Your preferences will change over time or vary depending on the wind conditions; many pilots fly with more brake in stronger winds than in a light breeze. It is best to start with a neutral setting (medium knot at the top and bottom) and change the setting in small steps. Important: Only adjust one parameter at a time so that you can always return to the previous setting.

Equally important: Even as a beginner, don't let yourself be talked into this search. The only thing that determines what works better or less well is your own feeling.

Oliver Germing