DV-8: The slightly different Delta

2022-04-20 11:50:00 / / Comments 0
DV-8: The slightly different Delta - DV-8 by Spiderkites - Delta flight on four lines
How many delta-shaped stunt kites have you had on your lines over the years? It's easy to lose track, which is not surprising given the wide variety of models available. But whether it's a robust beginner or an all-rounder for advanced pilots, an agile speedie or a spectacular trick slinger, an elegant ballet kite or a mighty power kite - all these different deltas had one thing in common: they were two-liners.
And now this: the DV-8, a delta for flight on four lines.

This idea is by no means new: Back in the 1990s, in the early days of stunt kiting, so to speak, Tom Jeckel from the Aachen-based kite manufacturer Phoenix Airsports introduced the DV-8. Over the years, the idea fell into oblivion somewhat, although the flying of framed quad line kites became more and more popular at the same time. Now Spiderkites has reissued the DV-8 - carefully modernized and equipped to a high standard, but closely following the original design.

As a pilot, you approach the unusual flying object with its eye-catching red flaps with curiosity. The DV-8 is flown on handles with a length of 32 cm, as known from quad line kites like the Shiva from Spiderkites. A hearty launch impulse, and the DV-8 is in the air - and thanks to first-class frame in doubt even in a light breeze. The first minutes are completed, still a bit skeptical, with a sagging brake line, which initially makes the flight pattern reminiscent of a normal two-line kite. Already now the DV-8 convinces with a good basic precision. But if you get more courageous and start playing with the brake, it quickly becomes clear: Here you have a delta on the lines that does things that deltas don't really do. Spectacular backward flights, hammer-hard dive stops or sideslides with the nose just above the turf - the flight movements the DV-8 can perform are refreshingly new and stimulating. You haven't seen anything like it before! And since you are already off the beaten track, you soon start to experiment, try one-point landings and snapstalls and even risk the one or other axle. This kite invites you to play!

You don't have to be a certified trick-flying crack for these exciting flight experiences, because the DV-8 proves to be amazingly accessible. The robust construction also helps ambitious advanced pilots to realize the full potential of this extraordinary kite.

The comparison with well-known dual and quad liners is obvious - and yet leads nowhere. The DV-8 is simply in a class of its own - built for pilots who like to leave their comfort zone and try something new.

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