Data sheets - the help in trouble

2022-11-22 17:41:00 / / Comments 0
Data sheets - the help in trouble - Data sheets of older and current Spiderkites kites

You have broken something on the kite, the bridle is misaligned or you have lost a part? And now you don't know what to order?
We have compiled data sheets for our current, but also many earlier models. Here you will find all the information you need on one page.
For most models, the desired spare parts are already linked directly to our shop, but that doesn't mean you can't get the other parts.
The list will grow - promised!
How to find the datasheets?

Way 1:
You go to your (still current) model in the webshop and click on the desired pdf-file under "datasheet".

Way 2:
You can also select "Catalog and Service" in the menu bar, on the following page choose again from stunt kites and single lines and then click on the desired kite in the list.
Here you will also find kites that are no longer available in the store.